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February 6, 2015

Hypnotherapist Offers Valentine’s Day Sufferers Opportunity to Replace Emotional Eating with Release of Emotional Baggage Continue reading...

Eric Rosen, Hypnotherapist
Reviewed from Google
posted 3 months ago

5 stars does not seem like enough recognition for Eric and the work that he does.

Before I contacted Eric, I had been struggling an up hill battle with deep emotional hurt. This hurt would manifest regularly as anxiety, anger and isolation. On top of that I also was three years into a severe case of post partum depression. SO serious that I had to take medication for some time and was afraid that I would not only loose my children but my marriage. I felt helpless and needed, I have to stress this part the most, NEEDED to change my story for myself and my family.
I again started to search the Internet for some information or therapy that might help. I had done years, decades of talk therapy with various therapists and nothing had ever quite helped. I honestly was so tired of telling the same story of my history, how I felt, etc , etc. It was all quite monotonous.
I stumbled across Eric's yelp post and didn't know too much about Hypnosis. After reading his reviews and researching about hypnotherapy, I figured why not give it a try.
I wanted to fully commit myself to the process and signed up for four sessions. I immediately recognized a shift within myself after the first session. My anxiety and anger were still present but they didn't have as large of a presence as they had had. I was able to regulate them more easily and move forward in a healthier way then I had before.
I was able to change my story and proclaim, I AM AWESOME! Everyday will have its ups and downs but now I can deal with the ebb and flow of daily life without falling apart into a deep anger filled depression.

Months later, I can say that I would absolutely recommend hypnotherapy with Eric. I share my story all the time with my friends and family. It has changed and impacted my life for the positive and I am so thankful to Eric for this.

Grace Lee
Grace Lee
posted 7 months ago

Eric is genuine, goal oriented and a good listener. His sessions are structured to be efficient and thorough to achieve the results that you want. Hypnotherapy was a completely different experience than what I had expected - the visualization techniques that Eric works with you on are quite simple in theory but can work wonders in helping you tap into deep rooted issues and come out with new outlook on life. Even after the first session, I left with my heart lighter and my mind clearer.

If you are skeptical about going, definitely feel free to give Eric a call for a free consultation over the phone to see if it is a good fit for you. Eric is honest, upfront and personable and will answer any questions that you have. You can go for just one session or a series - everything is up to you and there is no pressure to commit to anything.

If you are looking for a guide to help you make big changes in your life, I highly recommend Eric. Most importantly, while working with you during your sessions, Eric also shares with you helpful tools to better deal with daily emotional challenges both big and small.

Neel Kovelamudi
Neel Kovelamudi
posted 2 months ago

When I first came in to Dr. Rosen's office, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was rather skeptical of this form of treatment, but Dr. Rosen entirely changed my mindset with cooperation every step of the way. Not only was he extremely understanding of even my most complex issues, but he would also help me find loopholes in my preconceptions about myself and my social anxiety. I could immediately see results after cooperating through every session. Remember, the results of hypnotherapy only come if you are willing to cooperate and seek Dr. Rosen's guidance and wisdom, which, when followed, can help you lead a much better, more refreshed life. After only three sessions, my entire perspective had changed, and I was stunned at how I could no longer summon emotions of anger and sadness when looking back at my past memories or even when looking into the future. Overall, Dr. Rosen has helped me in ways unimaginable, and I believe that if you keep your mind open and work with him, you can see amazing results.

Leah Larlee
Leah Larlee
posted 2 months ago

Highly skilled and endlessly helpful! Nicotine free for almost 2 months now!

CC Tejada-Slade
CC Tejada-Slade
posted 6 months ago

Working with hypnotherapist Eric Rosen has brought me back to a wonderful place in life. I'm finally able to enjoy my family, career, friends and quiet moments on my own again.

When I called Eric last year, it was at a time when I felt completely overwhelmed. Juggling marriage, being a parent, career, and the idea of returning to school was just too much to handle. Traditional therapy offered fleeting relief to everyday stress.

It wasn't an easy process to get rid of all the baggage that was bogging me down, but Eric guided me through it in a way that literally had me feeling the weight of stress lift off my shoulders in our first session. By the end of our 4th session, I felt like I was ready to face everything with renewed energy.

Personal hypnosis has been the only approach that has empowered me in every aspect of life. My husband, sister, coworkers and friends have noticed that stressful situations now fuel me in a positive way. I enjoy my relationships, family and career again because I'm not fretting over all the trivial things.

I wholeheartedly recommend hypnosis sessions with Eric Rosen to others if they are truly committed to making a life change.

Personally, I believe that hypnotherapy has saved my marriage, helped my business thrive, and given me the confidence to finally pursue my doctorate degree after 12 years of procrastination. Eric has done what no other therapist has been able to...taught me let go of all the baggage.

Such an amazing experience. Thank you, Eric!!!!

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