19 Reasons Why You'll Succeed with  Hypnotize Yourself Slim!™ the Hypnosis Weight Loss Class

Each reason below is a feature of the Hypnotize Yourself Slim! class and they are designed so you find yourself making meaningful lifestyle changes... without feeling like you got outside your comfort zone.

Check out all of them because one or more are sure to resonate with you in a deeper, more profound way.

+ 1. The 9 Second Release +

A fast-acting and highly reliable stress-buster you can use even while driving, in a high stakes meeting or in public without anyone else realizing you’re “doing something”. You can also use it to reduce stress-eating.

+ 2. The Slender Living Reality Check +

Lets you see progress you can measure each week on emotional eating, healthy food choices, and all the other lifestyle factors you want to reverse or strengthen.

+ 3. Inspiring Case Studies +

The personalized approaches my students and weight loss clients took in changing lifestyles, food choices and exercise habits so you can find a model you can follow in class and beyond.

+ 4. The Hypnotic Revelation +

Arrive at a clear, direct and life-changing understanding of what hypnosis really is and how you’ve experienced it every day of your life (no joke, it's true). Once you "get this" you can prompt your unconscious mind to start solving problems instead of reinforcing them and that's absolutely... PRICELESS!

+ 5. Live Group Hypnosis +

We'll enjoy group hypnosis in every class based on the suggestions you email me in advance.  This way, you enjoy personal attention, while maintaining your anonymity. Oh, and along the way... those old binges stop before they start and your emotions discover new outlets for expression more healthy than mindless eating.

+ 6. The Supportive Community Effect +

As you email me the post-hypnotic suggestions you want to hear in our live group hypnosis sessions, sure enough, your classmates provide other ones that you need to hear. And yours support them as well. This happens like clockwork every time I teach this class!

+ 7. The Dehypnosis Program +

Find out how to interrupt old patterns of grazing, binging and nibbling before they get out of control so you slim without even missing those items.

+ 8. The Hypnotic Self-Love Strengtheners +

A series of hypnotic weight loss with hypnosis audios. As you listen to one a day, self-love and slender living become one and the same to your unconscious mind. Warning: side effect of daily hypnosis listening include reduced stress and better sleep!

+ 9. The Situational Eating Trigger Extinguishers +

Eating triggers can be places and scenarios of your daily life like TV, work and social events. Once you become aware of them, they lose their ability to derail your weight loss with hypnosis.

+ 10. The Emotional Eating Trigger Extinguishers +

Allow those feelings of insecurity, anxiety, sadness (and virtually any other emotion you can think of) to dissolve so you find old emotional eating responses fade away.

+ 11. The Motivational Eating Trigger Extinguishers +

Explore the deeper reasons why you eat (in ways which no longer serve the person you are today) so you retrain your unconscious to support you instead.

+ 12. The Amazingly Accurate Weight Loss Prediction Formula +

Predict the pounds you’ll shed, a week in advance! Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve with this newfound degree of control in your life. Incredibly, the formula doesn’t care one iota about calories or exercise!

+ 13. The Feel More Joy Now System +

Create higher levels of feel-good chemicals in your brain by day and find yourself with more willpower at night :)
(If you use a smartphone, you’ll take this system to a whole new level!)

+ 14. The See Myself Slimmer Sooner System +

Your unconscious mind is eager to help you so long as you give it clear and sustained pictures as a target. You'll learn how to find inspiring images of slender people at any age. Also, you'll discover some nifty tips and tricks about what to do with these images so your unconscious mind “gets the hint.”

+ 15. The Affirmation Supercharger +

Ordinary affirmation require willpower. That's why they fail within 24-48 hours! Instead, find out how, with just a slight tweak here or there, you can turn ordinary affirmations into post-hypnotic suggestions so you stack the deck in your favor. Once you speak the unconscious language of your inner child (you know, the one who makes the eating decisions!), positive lifestyle changes happen... with far less effort.

+ 16. The Rapid Habit Buster +

Imagine, within just minutes, you replace procrastination, nail-biting, overeating or any other surface-level habit with the new behavior of your choice using an easily repeatable, step-by-step method.

+ 17. The Failure Words Eliminator +

Rid your unconscious mind of four common, every day  words you hear in your head and say out loud more often than you'd like (once you discover how they corrode your self-esteem and sabotage your progress).

+ 18. The Inner Peacemaker +

Resolve a deep-seated conflict between staying where you are and transforming into the slender you trapped inside… so you can start moving through life without feeling like the parking break is on. Best of all, you'll never even reveal your issue to anyone else, including your instructor!

+ 19. The Bust Your Cravings Breakthrough Session +

Imagine your most addicting food loosens its grip so you have it once a week or once a month instead of once a day. Imagine this happens for you where all you need to do is have a 20-minute, eyes-open conversation either in-person or over video chat like Skype or Google Hangouts. Better still, imagine yourself freed from the tyranny of temptation without having to do anything else at your end once those 20 minutes are over!

When you register for Hypnotize Yourself Slim!™, you enjoy a personal Bust Your Cravings session at a deep discount.