Eric Rosen, Hypnoterapist

About Eric Rosen, Hypnotherapist

As a Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, my lead specialty is weight loss because I have shed 40 pounds on 4 occasions in my life and I understand what you are going through. Having an underactive thyroid, most likely since age 7, the first big weight loss in my life took place during senior year of high school because I wanted to be thin for college and… I was.

I’ve come to believe that weight loss is about far more than calories in and calories burned. More and more, science is telling us that it as much about what’s eating you as what you are eating. In the last few years, I’ve gotten much better at keeping the weight off and you will too if you, like me, are willing to let go of so-called conventional wisdom and adopt better long-term strategies for permanent change, not quick fixes.

I have a voracious appetite for cutting edge information. One book that influenced my practice greatly is the New American Diet. In short, it introduced the public to obesogens. Obesogens are sneaky sources of fat gain like pesticides, pollutants, antibiotics, growth hormones, plastics and GMOs. The book maintains that we can eat the foods we’ve come to love but we must get a clue about quality.

This means waking up to the reality that our food supply has radically changed every decade since the 1940s. During the 1940s, pesticides were introduced. So, it’s only been about one human lifetime that our bodies have lived with poisoned food in this manner.

My philosophy is that if we’d just eat like the Greatest Generation did (those Americans who fought and won WWII), we’d be a lot healthier. Obesity was rare back then. In the absence of many of those obesogens, all food was organic because we didn’t need a name for it. It was just called FOOD!

I do my best to live free of as many obesogens as I can and I help my clients do the same, conversationally and through hypnosis.

At the same time, developing an appetite for exercise is important. Since 2005, I’ve kept up a daily practice of The 5 Tibetan Rites. If you know anything about the folklore surrounding The 5 Tibetans and you’ve been  a daily practitioner of them, you know they keep you young.

Because I have always struggled to stay active due to the thyroid, The Rites have been a lifesaver. They’ve kept me limber and alert. I characterize them as exercise for people who hate exercise.

For those of my clients who are interested in The Rites, I have them consult their GP, MD or DC to see if they’re fit enough to start gently.

I’ve also become a big fan of high intensity interval training (HIIT) in all areas of exercise. I apply it to rowing, cross-country skiing, cycling and now resistance training. Done right, it will maximize youthfulness by releasing human growth hormone so as to favor muscle and burn fat. To feel that good burn buff feeling 24 hours after doing HIIT cycling, let alone pumping iron is fascinating and quite the motivator!

Another key to successful weight loss for my clients is cultivating the ability to forgive those who have hurt them. Often times, they experienced something painful for which “justice” was never served.

Because I do everything I can to create an environment of trust and safety, clients find it easy to confide in me. And so we find that in hypnosis, it’s a lot easier to let go of old hurts.

What’s even more fascinating is how the prospect of justice served fails to offer the same therapeutic effect as letting go.

And once the pain of those old hurts lifts, it’s amazing how readily the pounds come off.

Before hypnotherapy, I was a direct response copywriter. Copywriters write ads to sell stuff. I wrote for eBay, HP, Beats by Dre, and many others.

When I heard about how an elite circle of copywriters were also skilled in hypnosis, I got interested. When I discovered the real healing power of hypnosis for surgery, pain control, and other life-changing conditions, I decided to make the switch!

Still, I believe copywriting experience is a boon to helping clients with hypnosis.

Why? Because we’ve been inundated with ads for bad foods our whole lives, practically every 10 minutes. And so, I see hypnosis as an ad campaign to make healthy choices competitive with crappy convenience foods.

After all, we can all do with more support rather than less, yes?

I obtained my Certification in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy.

At McGill University in Montreal, Canada, I earned my Bachelor of Commerce and taught Organizational Behavior.