Hypnosis Lifetime Service Guarantee

Hypnosis is both art and science. As such, many variables influence your outcome.

These include: attitude, commitment to change, motivation, follow-through, reinforcement, and attendance of scheduled sessions.

While it would not be ethical to guarantee results related to human behavior, Eric Rosen, Hypnotherapist provides the next best thing: a Lifetime Hypnosis Service Guarantee:

For any client who has made payment in full for any goal-focused program and has not reached their goal within the agreed upon time frame, additional sessions are FREE until such goal is met.

No two people are alike. The time it takes to achieve a goal will vary from person to person.

After completion of a goal-focused program, Eric Rosen, Hypnotherapist will provide reinforcement sessions at no charge upon client’s request for up to one per month until client is satisfied and reached the desired result.

If you ever have a relapse of any kind for any reason, my services are available to you absolutely free for as long as this hypnotherapy practice is open for business.

Eric Rosen, Hypnotherapist