Philosophy of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Programs for a Fixed Amount So We Focus on Results, Not the Clock

Because we're exploring the unconscious mind and it has no concept of time, events from decades ago are as relevant to it now as the day they happened. So, if one more Q&A before we do the hypnosis could make a big difference in how we both understand the situation, it's worth the time to make that discovery. After all, hypnosis is about getting to a better place in a few visits, not a few years.

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Enduring Results Supersede Quick Fixes

Depending on the presenting issue you want to address, there are a number of conversational techniques I use that take 10-30 minutes and get the desired result in one sitting. However, if the presenting issue is rooted in deep-seated, longstanding emotional baggage, a quick fix is less likely to stick for the long term. 

For this reason, among several, you complete your 4Qs submission before Session 1 takes place. As such, over the course of Session 1, you start to become aware of the connections between old emotional baggage and the presenting issues and this positions you to track your results step by step and get the most out of each session.

Here’s an example. Say you want to release a fixation you have on a certain craving food. If there’s no emotional cling to the food, we can create an aversion to that food so your consumption of it drops dramatically. Fast and easy to do.

On the other hand, if such a food reminds you of having love lavished upon you by your parents when you were very young, then we’ll need to release that emotional attachment first.

Minimize, Even Eliminate Homework Where PossiblE

I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into mastering some of the best and fastest transformational methods out there. Because they have you dump your baggage and limiting beliefs far faster than more traditional approaches, listening to recordings of your sessions afterwards becomes unnecessary. 

After all, will you want to relive the moment you became liberated of those emotions and or just be happy they’re gone and get on with your life? And chances are, you’ll be happy to have fewer items on your to-do list between sessions, right?

Sometimes, it's clear the issue has been resolved before you even get up from your chair. Other times, we need feedback in the field to be certain or to inform our next steps. In such situations, you might want to keep a log. Or making a recording could make sense if we want to speed up reinforcement of something. Or assigning you a task that gets you out of your comfort zone where your follow-through on it is just the thing that seals in the changes you made in-session. Generally, we err on the side of less homework, not more… unless it is truly necessary.

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You Are Unique, So No Hypnosis Scripts Will Be Used During Your Session

In the world of hypnosis, many scripts exist for the most common reasons people visit a hypnotherapist. After identifying the issue, some hypnotists will bring the client into the hypnotic state and then proceed to read such a script.

I do not operate this way. If my eyes are busy staring at a script, then I'm not watching you. Or your reactions to certain words and tonalities. What you receive is a 100% personalized hypnosis experience aligned with the therapeutic outcome you desire.

You Are Not Broken, So You Do Not Need to "Be Fixed"

Your unconscious mind has vast computing power compared with your conscious mind. Also, it reasons through emotion where your conscious mind reasons through logic. And your unconscious is blissfully unaware of time while your conscious mind is sensitive to it. Taken together, your unconscious mind has a very different view of cause and effect.

Given the very different strengths each of them exhibits, it is not unusual for the conscious and the unconscious to be on different pages with regard to a particular issue. And since your conscious mind strives to protect your unconscious mind based on its logical reasoning, emotional notions that would help the unconscious mind make a change often get shielded out.

So, instead of thinking you are deficient in some way, hypnosis assumes you have the resources you need to make a positive change. And in my practice, it's simply a matter of engaging the two minds in such a way that your rational, adult conscious mind can be fully engaged with helping your emotional, childlike unconscious mind heal from the wisdom it can supply.

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We All Do The Best We Can with the Resources We Have… at the Time!

I’ve come to call this phrase, The Universal Learning. It’s like a blank in the game of Scrabble. In the same way a blank in Scrabble expands the number of different words we can create; we can derive so many personalized learnings that help us grow when we use this phrase as a starting point in our thinking.

And so, if you've ever looked back on a certain period in your life where you thought you could have made wiser decisions or navigated things better than you did had you only known "X," then:

  1. Welcome to being human
  2. You're not alone
  3. Imagine the wholeness you’ll feel when your emotions appreciate “X” the same way your thoughts do!

Beating ourselves up over it again and again creates stress and a whole host of health problems that stem from stress. All in all, there was a lesson you needed to learn which could not have been learned with only a conscious awareness of "X." And once you silence the inner critic with this soothing, reassuring and nurturing learning of your own, emotion and logic realign to serve you... with your unconscious and conscious minds in rapport.

Gratitude and Forgiveness Are Magic Healers

Once we apply the ideas above to our view of other people in our life, past and present… even if they've wronged us profoundly… our ability to rise above "an eye for an eye" or "Why me?!" allows us to take the highest of the high roads, get beyond judgment, let bygones be bygones, and finally, move on.

Nature and Ancestral Wisdom will Guide You Back to Balance and Harmony

We've had radio and TV since the 1920s. Pesticides came along in the 1940s. In the 1950s, artificial and highly processed convenience foods came along. In the 1960s we started pasteurizing dairy and killing off the good bacteria that we'd been living off of for thousands of years. In the 1970s, fast food joints found their way onto every street corner. In the 1980s, sugar replaced fat amid the low-fat craze and the march to obesity gained momentum. In the 1990s, GMOs hit the shelves.

So, it's been about the span of one human lifetime that we've completely reinvented food. There's no way our bodies, after millions of years of slow evolution, could be expected to thrive on these food-like substances. And yet, thanks to TV, product placement, the Internet, and a never-ending parade of ads for junk food engineered to addict us, it's no wonder we have an obesity epidemic and a health-care crisis.

Meanwhile, nature and your body know better. Your ancestors lived closer to the way humankind was meant to eat, work and play. This wisdom is in you. And your unconscious mind, given the right words, ideas and pictures, will gladly unlock it so you can adapt to this modern life in a way that serves your highest well-being.

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Absolve Yourself: You Do Not Have to Make Society's Dysfunction Your Own

Negative memes. Thought viruses. Ideas we accept without our conscious consent. Somehow, they get lodged into our unconscious minds and wreak havoc on us in subtle, virtually undetectable ways. For example, after nearly 60 years of having it drummed into our heads that fat makes you fat and that saturated fat will kill us, the science to disprove this is now overwhelming and finally being acknowledged in the mainstream media. But what about the thousands of people, if not millions, who died prematurely or find themselves burdened with poor health by trying to keep to this tragic regimen? Not to mention how no society in human history ever ate this way!

All this goes to show that we are affected by our times, our place, our families, communities and other memberships and allegiances, whether we realize it consciously or not. And since many of our conceptions of the world around us were formed in childhood when we did not have the mental faculties to question them critically, and so, we accepted them. 

Yes, there are such things as collective delusions. But once you see through them, you are free to absolve yourself. And to even forgive your inner critic for it was doing the best it could with the resources it had at the time. Authentic absolution can only come from within. And with it, your extraordinary healing.

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