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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis Because... It's the Easiest Way

Smoking Almost Killed My Mother...

Nearly 20 years before I became a hypnotherapist, my mother had been smoking for decades. As a young boy on car trips to visit relatives, I dreaded when she'd smoke. It gave me a headache. Year after year, we begged her to quit (none of us knew from hypnosis back then). Of course, it wasn't our nagging that got her to quit. It was the double mastectomy her physician advised her to undergo. Thank heaven, she's alive and well today and hasn't had a cigarette since. Naturally, this is yet another reason why I am committed to helping you become a non-smoker... while there's still time to enjoy life without having to have a trauma get the job done for you.

Only Use Hypnosis When You are Ready to Quit Smoking

If, in your heart of hearts, you do not want to quit, then you'll want to save hypnosis for when you do. It may sound corny, but it's the truth. Your motivation makes all the difference. No amount of nagging to stop smoking from family or friends is going to work because they are all talking to your conscious mind. Your conscious mind already wants you to quit. It's like they are preaching to your choir! Until then, folks carry on with the gums. And the patches. Some 1.6% of them get lucky and become non-smokers... without the aid of their unconscious mind making it a whole lot easier for them. On the other hand, if scary signs of mortality are knocking on your door... like wheezing, getting winded, excessive coughing and hacking, the shakes... maybe now is the right time for hypnosis.

Hypnosis Works Because We Address the Whole You

You are unique. A complex being. And so you had many reasons for smoking. Some were physical like cravings. Some were emotional and ran deep from times long ago you've since forgotten about... consciously anyway. Still others were social when it was about bonding with others, rebelling or looking a certain way.  And still others were behavioral so you kept your hands or mouth occupied. Or certain times and places were the triggers. When we meet, we'll address all of these. And discover how some of them had changed over time as you matured. More importantly, we'll set you up for success no matter how your bright future as a non-smoker unfolds. Any fear of living without cigarettes will have been dissolved and being a non-smoker will just be... self-strengthening.

Why You Won't Gain Weight As You Become a Non-Smoker

Ex-smokers thought they were hooked on nicotine. Turns out, approximately 20% of a cigarette is SUGAR... a far more addicting substance! People who went cold turkey were getting far less sugar, their blood sugar levels would plummet and then they'd binge on sweets. From there, the pounds came piling on. But this is no longer your worry because... Another of my specialties is eliminating cravings for sugar (and anything that turns to sugar in the body). For example: candy, soda, chocolate, bread, chips. While it's possible to quit smoking after one hypnosis session (and I've helped many clients do so), I  do not promise it. The reason is because I want you to become a permanent non-smoker. Eliminating sugar cravings on a first visit along with cigarettes is asking way too much of anyone's unconscious mind in so short a time. Your long term health and well-being is best served by releasing sugar cravings on a subsequent visit or two, depending on your lifestyle, eating habits and individual needs.

How Hypnosis Will Save You Money... Many Times Over

In 2022, the cheapest state for a pack of cigarettes was Missouri at $5.25. The most expensive was New York at $12.85! The average of those prices is $9.05 so, for the sake of easy math, let’s call it $10. Then, a pack a day for a year costs $3,650. Two packs a day runs a whopping $7,300! Talk about an expensive habit! Since no two smokers are alike, the number of hypnosis sessions for smoking cessation range from four to six. Say you invested $570 per session and had the extremely unusual need for six sessions (four sessions is much more likely). As a former pack-a-day smoker, your year one savings comes out to $230. And every year thereafter, you save $3,650. Over 20 years, your savings equals $69,580. You could cover the lion’s share of a college education for yourself, your child or your grandchild on your savings! But wait, you save more. What about the heart bypass you never had to have? Or the other myriad of health conditions which never came your way over the years. It gets better still. When you opt for a stop smoking with hypnosis program, your investment is even more affordable. How much will become clear once we discover what your lifestyle challenges had been, what your goals are for the future and what number of sessions makes the most sense for your personal situation.

What You Can Expect... Session #1: Becoming a Non-Smoker

When you come in for your first session, it's likely to be a 90-minute to two-hour experience. In the first hour or so, we'll explore your journey. Why you used to smoke. How it made you feel... physically... and emotionally. What you hate about smoking. What you once liked about it. What triggers were involved... in terms of time... and place... and people. Plus, we'll look at the things you prefer to do instead so we can program them into your unconscious mind's ever-expanding repertoire of non-smoker's behaviors. All the while, I'll be taking notes. Lots of notes. Because, when we enter hypnosis, so many of the details you shared will find their way into a hypnosis recording... 100% personalized for you. In the next 20-25 minutes, we'll do the actual hypnosis session. You can sit up or recline. Either way, I'll record the session as an MP3 file you put on your MP3 player, phone, tablet or computer. Unlike weight loss where ongoing success is typically tied to regular replays of the session's content, smoking cessation is different. The bliss of stress-free relaxation generated from within is a far greater motivator for the new non-smoker to listen again and again (as opposed to the session's content, per se). In the final few minutes, we'll tie up loose ends, go over any technical points about accessing the recording and schedule the next session.

What to Expect... Session #2: Non-Smoker's Empowerment

Whether you find yourself a non-smoker or with a dramatic reduction in consumption, the second session is an opportunity to dissolve any remaining pockets of resistance to your new life as a non-smoker. We'll review your experience over the week and isolate any triggers which still need to be defused. Again, I'll be taking copious notes. And your second audio will reflect your current needs in light of the progress you've made. And because your unconscious mind will have become acclimated to hypnosis, we can also address sugar cravings in Session #2. It's a 15-minute dialog with eyes open. It does not need to be recorded, it takes effect immediately and requires no action on your part afterwards.

What to Expect: Session #3+

There's a tendency among some to think if hypnosis does not end smoking after 3 sessions that it hasn't worked. However, studies show those who go for four, five or six sessions are more likely to become permanent non-smokers. Naturally, there's no one-size-fits-all hypnosis prescription for quitting smoking. The key takeaway is that your unconscious mind thrives on repetition and reinforcement. And so to deny it a couple of more visits and leave long term success on the table would be sad and foolish. In my experience, one and three have been the magic numbers. That said, I helped an 85-year old woman who had been smoking for 67 years quit and it took 5 sessions. When you consider you are probably far younger than she, giving your unconscious mind the space it needs to make lasting-change is not just smart... it's cost-effective! Also, if you have additional foods high in sugar or starch sure to cause weight gain, we can release them so your changed eating patterns integrate with your life as a non-smoker. And if you are already a non-smoker and sugar cravings are no longer an issue (or never were), we can use your remaining session for any other purpose you like.

Are Coughing, Wheezing and Getting Winded Getting a Little Too Real?

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From your first session on, I will stick with you until you quit once and for all. With full payment for your package, this hypnosis practice will provide monthly reinforcement sessions at no charge until you are 100% satisfied. If ever you experience a relapse, this practice will continue to serve you free of charge up to one time per month.