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    I've been at this mind-body-spirit healing thing a looong time. Even with all the meditation, neurofeedback, biofeedback, energy medicine, forgiveness practices, etc. I've done, I still felt like something was holding me back from being free of residual sticky stuff like old grudges, resentments and judgements. During my third session with Eric, something positive shifted. I was less attached to outcomes; basically freer emotionally. By our fourth session I realized it was the unconscious old energetic aka cords that we had cut. Now I have more room for joy, love, peace and humility! Thank you, Eric!
    Palmer K., Portola Valley, CA 10/4/2018
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    For a lifetime (since early childhood) I've been suffering from a serious aversion to blood tests and needles. I would do anything possible to avoid any sort of blood testing. This phobia was so ingrained that I would not even seek help to overcome it; I couldn't imagine any sort of treatment that could improve this.
    But as years went by, it was clear to me that this condition directly interferes with my overall health and I've decided to at least make an effort to address or alleviate it.

    Looking around, I came across Eric Rosen and started treatment sessions with him.
    To get straight to the punchline - within 4 sessions I have already taken 2 blood tests. That's the same number as I had taken in total during the previous 30 years!
    It is not that I enjoy taking a blood test now, but rather that my fear has disappeared and I am filled with confidence - I simply and completely stopped amplifying the emotion. The fear of needles is gone, the barrier of taking blood tests is gone, the significance to my future health is tremendous.

    The work with Eric touched on basic levels of emotions and fear, providing powerful constructs to overcome my phobia. It was an empowering experience, and with every session I felt progress.
    If you are open and willing, sincere in making a real change - Eric is your guy.

    Another happy client!
    James L., Redmond, WA 9/30/2018

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    I was intrigued with hypnotherapy and thought I would give it a try. The results I got with hypnotherapy were clarity on my vision and aspirations as well as dissolving what was holding me back. Sessions with Eric are very experiential and they work at the level of the unconscious. It cuts to the chase. A felt a real connection to my being and a feeling of more space and confidence are several other benefits of working with Eric. I also have a greater sense of excitement for life. I would recommend hypnosis sessions with Eric because it speaks to the fundamental parts of being human. It works and that's the bottom line! Eric's process makes it possible to embrace the unknown.
    Kevin E., Los Altos, CA 9/17/2018
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    I had been considering hypnotherapy for a while, but it wasn't until my emotional state became nearly unbearable that I finally moved forward with it. Now I wish I had done it much sooner! Eric helped me to quickly identify and eliminate false beliefs that were interfering with my happiness and my ability to make sense of conflicting emotions. Now the feelings of guilt and hopelessness I was experiencing are gone, and I feel joyful, confident, and positive about the future.

    I wholeheartedly recommend sessions with Eric - he is a very intuitive and caring person, and is extremely skilled at facilitating change and accelerating personal growth. I am in a much better place than I could have imagined just a few weeks ago!
    Anne C., Mountain View, CA 9/17/2018
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    I went to see Eric because I felt stuck. I have to admit, I wasn't sure that hypnosis would work for me but I decided to try it anyway. Eric is warm and accepting so it was easy to feel relaxed and begin the hypnosis process. After the first session, I could tell a difference in my attitude and outlook, though I couldn't tell exactly what had changed, other than addressing some of the old feelings and thoughts that I was harboring from my childhood. After the second session, I lost interest in drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, both of which were my go-to when I had a rough day. The 3rd and 4th sessions helped to cement the new thoughts, ideas and my improved outlook developed in the first two sessions. I would highly recommend Eric and the hypnosis process to anyone who wants to change their lives for the better.
    Melinia H., Palo Alto, CA 8/29/2018
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    Hypnosis was totally new to me. One of my friends who does Chinese Medicine mentioned I might want to try hypnosis. I am really happy I tried hypnosis. I feel like I have transformed into a different person. When I leave the sessions I feel happier and stronger each time. It helped with emotional control. I changed my beliefs so I believe in myself. I have become a happier person. Absolutely, I recommend sessions with Eric because it may be your best option if you are tired of trying other approaches. Eric is the best.
    Simon G., San Francisco, CA 8/27/2018
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    I learned about hypnosis as tool to reprogram one's subconsciousness through a book -  'three magic word'.
    With Eric's help,  I have learned more about my inner self and my deeply held beliefs. I have completely let go of a limiting belief. As a result, my confidence has greatly grown. I now have a better relationship with myself. What I liked most is how I have been able to learn more about myself at a deeper level. More confidence is a really big transformational benefit.

    With it, I feel more secure about myself. And have adopted a positive mindset..Absolutely, I'd recommend sessions with Eric because everybody should know more about their inner selves and what belief has been holding them back in life.
    Jp T., East San Jose, San Jose, CA 8/12/2018
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    Very helpful. I like the idea of working with the subconscious mind and the energies involved with it. I believe this works with me better, as opposed to talk therapy. This seemed to be a much faster way in getting to the root of my issues and to properly deal with them. Eric has a lot  of great techniques that put me into the hypnotic state and I like how they are very fast and effective. It was interesting to see how the process worked for that. We were able to target the root of the issue at hand and overcome what I call "demons". All the different energies felt very good. If you have issues that you know are rooted at the subconscious level, Eric's sessions are a great way to get rid of them effectively and swiftly. I really enjoyed these sessions.
    Bk K, Mountain View, CA 8/6/2018
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    I wasn't sure what to expect from hypnosis sessions. Initially I really misunderstood what hypnotherapy really was. To me it meant to be unconscious, and not being aware of what was happening around me. Sessions with Eric are not like that at all, we are always aware of what is being said and always awake.

    Meeting and working with Eric has been a great experience and overall helped me being more serene and confident.

    Eric is a very kind person, very professional and someone you feel you can trust, which is very important in order to make you feel at ease and open. He is very responsive and you can tell he is passionate about what he does.

    What I liked to the most about the sessions is how you feel afterwards. It really feels like you have been investing in yourself and will never regret it.

    I highly recommend Eric. If you are not sure, talk to him directly and he will quickly guide you on how he can help you.
    Florence C., Palo Alto, CA 8/6/2018
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    I have never had any experience with a hypnotherapist. I only knew (or felt) that deep inside some things were forever nagging at me & I have/had never been able to shake them. By researching & researching I eventually found my way to Eric Rosen. I have to tell you I believe all the stars were aligned when I came upon Eric. I went in unknowing what was going to happen & if I truly even knew why I was there & what to actually expect Eric to do. My initial meeting with Eric was very very comfortable & in a few follow-up sessions Eric not only helped me to identify my issues & hang-ups he helped me to get to the root of them & together we sent them packing. I only wish I had done this many years ago. Absolutely 5 Stars!!!
    Ho P., San Jose, CA 8/6/2018