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    I had a positive experience with hypnotherapy. From the initial phone call with Eric, all the way through our last session, he made me feel comfortable, listened intently and was very articulate and clear about the process and what to expect. Personally I feel that the sessions helped to resolve if not greatly reduce the issues I had going in. I think regardless of one's previous experience with other forms of traditional therapies, with simply an open mind and a willingness to try something new, others could easily walk away with similar results.
    Mariaelena C., Palo Alto, CA 6/18/2018
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    I am new to hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try. I was looking on google and found Eric based on his excellent reviews.
    I called to setup an appointment. He spent almost an hour on phone and clearly understood my needs even before setting an appointment.
    He made my visits very comfortable and worked based on my needs. He is very knowledgable and humble person. 
    It was an amazing experience for me and I definitely recommend to give him a try, you won't be disappointed.
    Raj S., Cupertino, CA 4/8/2018
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    From the moment I met Eric, I experienced his genuine, warm spirit and a passion for his work with others.  It's easy to see that supporting clients in being who they want to be is more than an occupation; This is his calling.  What did I notice?  

    I felt intrigued by his unique, effective style and impressive wealth of knowledge.  His soothing tone of voice and great sense of humor immediately put me at ease.  I found his clarity and thorough explanations of the mind, patterns or processes exceptional.  His attention to detail, with creative precision in knowing what is needed and how to proceed in each unique situation, was quickly evident.  All of this produced such a safe, comfortable environment in which to explore the problem, let go of the old, welcome the new and begin moving effortlessly in the desired direction.

    If you want to step into what matters most to you, move past an obstacle on your path, feel inspired or motivated to create something new in your life, or simply live with integrity (your insides and outsides match!), I unequivocally recommend having a possibility conversation with Eric!
    Carmyn H., Pleasant Hill, CA 3/29/2018
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    I knew absolutely nothing about hypnotherapy but I needed to try different approach to losing weight. Eric made me feel comfortable, demystified hypnosis, and educated me on each part of the process. Now, I feel empowered, focused, and liberated after working with Eric for four sessions. If you want to approach your issue at the root cause, reach out to Eric and find out if this approach is for you.
    Daphne N., Fayetteville, NC 2/7/2018
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    Eric knows what he's doing! He's both technically adept AND intuitive (the best of both worlds). He knows exactly how to guide you to the information you need in order to eliminate the obstacles that personally hold you back. 

    I had made a list of outcomes I wanted to achieve with Eric's help. In a very short period of time, all of the outcomes on the list are either well on their way or already accomplished!

    I would recommend Eric to anyone looking for a way to move forward in life with ease and speed.
    Lori B., Gilroy, CA 1/14/2018
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    I was a little hesitant about seeing a hypnotherapist at first . But Eric explains the whole process before hand so you have an idea of what to expect beforehand. He helped me release negative emotions related to fear and sadness that I had held onto for a long time.  He is bothered about the results we achieve and is willing to take the time to achieve it
    Suma S., San Jose, CA 11/19/2017
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    I was super tired after 4 days at an intensive business forum. Eric did a session with me right before the next segment of the event. It was subtle but I definitely noticed the difference. I felt less lethargic and was able to continue with the event feeling more energetic and alert. I would not have been able to absorb all the lessons I came to learn, and my investment in the course would have been wasted had Eric not step in to rescue me. Thank YOU, Eric, for helping me to feel like my energetic self again!
    Jenny C., San Mateo, CA 10/6/2017
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    I've been to a number of hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, and Eric is by far the best of them. He's a really nice, kind, caring, fun, and knowledgeable man. I came in with a number of serious issues and after 4 sessions, I've made some major changes in my life and I've never felt better. People have noticed the changes in me, my newly found happiness, satisfaction, and well-being. Without even realizing it, my posture has improved. My relationships to everyone has become stronger, and my depression, anger, anxiety have completely lifted. I highly recommend Eric for anyone who wishes to make drastic improvements in their lives.
    B G., San Jose, CA 9/9/2017
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    I was a little skeptical about going to see a hypnotist at first. I didn't think I needed to but my wife had seen Eric and had great success with him.  

    I met Eric at his office. He was very pleasant and patiently explained everything.  He has this amazing methodology for releasing negative emotions. I found it to be  fast yet thorough.  

    As a result of Eric's process of freeing myself of my old baggage, I feel lighter. And more free.  Anger, sadness, and anxiety I had been carrying around for years is finally gone.

    I found his therapy very effective and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to make a real breakthrough.
    Richard R., Kearny Mesa, San Diego 9/9/2017
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    Eric was amazing. I have never been able to be hypnotized in the past. He did it without touching me at all. I was able to release my anger and sadness so easily. I want to thank you and my wife thanks you!!  I a new man
    Nick T., San Diego, CA 8/12/2017