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    Sessions with Eric, greatly helped me with past emotional issues in dealing with a life long debilitating gag reflex. I have heard about the benefits of Hypnosis and knew my problem was deep in my subconscious.  Now I walk each day with a burden off my chest.  I let a lot go.  My anxiety is down and experience a greater degree of calm.  I would highly recommend a session with Eric if you are dealing with deep rooting emotional issues.   Hypothesis allows you to do let your mind know, it'll be alright.
    Jason S, Fremont, CA 5/25/2015
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    I went to Dr. Rosen because of my addiction to sweets.  On my own I could not break the old habits.  I tried hypnotherapy never really expecting the cure-all, but that is what I got.  Through hypnosis and the dietary training I have been receiving during my sessions with Sr. Rosen I no longer have cravings for the sweets that I previously could not resist.  My weight was not so much an issue but I have lost ten pounds from eating a much healthier diet.  With the weight loss, I no longer need to take the blood pressure medication I have been on for four years.  This has been an enlightening experience to say the least.  Thanks to Dr. Rosen I am a much healthier and happier person.
    Marsha P., South San Francisco, CA 4/23/2015
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    As one who has continuously fought the weight battle for decades, I was intrigued with trying hypnotherapy to finally get control.  I became aware of Eric's success with clients through a mutual friend.  When I called and had my initial consultation with Eric, my main concern was not dong hypnotherapy sessions face to face as I was in another state.   That was quickly dissolved with Eric introducing me to Skype, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.     Working together you feel you are in the same room and after a few minutes, you forget about the computer.  I cannot tell you how satisfied and thrilled I am with the results.   
    Eric listened with intention during our conversations about what I wanted to address or accomplish in the hypnotherapy sessions.  He then used his insightfulness and intuition to customize my hypnotherapy sessions to incorporate these issues/challenges in a gentle and solution focused way, giving me the opportunity to decide what action I needed to take. His melodic voice slowly moves me to a quiet, peaceful place, yet at all times during the hypnotherapy sessions I felt in complete control.
    To fortify moving myself forward, Eric has a way of presenting your goals as if they have already been accomplished and his is the subtle voice of encouragement that stays with me as I continue day to day in accomplishing these goals.  
    Not only has working with Eric supported me in losing weight, but also in making several other positive changes in my life, some were so subtle I was unaware of it at first, but the best part is the change has been accomplished.  I have completely changed how I deal with my stress.  Before I would head for the potato chips and creamy dip.  Now there are healthy snacks and fruits available in my home at all times.  I have reached a point where I do not have the desire for those empty calories.
    Working with Eric allowed me in accomplish my initial goal, but I have found that there is a positive "domino" effect.  By accomplishing one change it leads to accomplishing so many more.  I highly recommend working with Eric to achieve your desired goals!
    Cornelia L., Tucson, AZ 6/27/2014
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    From the start I was eager to do a Bust Your Cravings session on dark chocolate. It's been 41/2 months now, and I haven't had any since.  When my daughter makes brownies I am not tempted to eat even a single one!  I am thrilled because before I could never resist them.  In the grocery store I had to buy the chocolate covered almonds, and I would eat them all before I got home!  I would even  eat chocolate chips at home right out of the bag.  Within the first 3 weeks of Bust Your Cravings I lost 6 pounds! And in 3 months I had lost 10 pounds !  I am thrilled I can fit into my clothes again, plus I feel better, lighter, and more energetic.  I enthusiastically recommend Eric's Bust Your Cravings to anyone who has been stuck and wants to get on the right track again!
    Beverly F., Cupertino, CA 6/23/2014
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    I decided to try hypnosis on a whim and am very glad I did so.  I'd been dealing with anxiety and some old "baggage" that's been holding me back.  One of the first things I worked on with Eric was setting boundaries and saying no to excessive demands on my time. Between family, work and volunteering I am frequently called upon to handle yet another project, and after one session I experienced immediate results - saying no without hesitation on multiple occasions (a huge change for me).   Eric also helped me gain insight into situations/people that trigger an anxious reaction in me, effectively diffusing these situations.  Months of therapy in the past didn't have that effect!

    My next sessions with Eric are to prepare for a professional presentation, as I've always been terrified of public speaking.  I have a great deal of confidence in Eric's work and am quite certain that hypnosis will help.

    One thing to know about hypnosis - you're not "out of it" during sessions, just deeply relaxed.  You're able to visualize people and places and it feels very safe.  Eric is nonjudgmental and easy to talk to.
    Anne P., Mountain View, CA 6/15/2014
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    Eric is hands-down a true miracle worker. I went to him for smoking cessation and weight loss and I quit smoking that same day!  I had my second session with him today to begin working on weight loss and curbing my cravings which have intensified after I quit smoking. He is well versed and knowledgable, and extremely pleasant and patient. I was hesitant about hypnotherapy, but so desperate to quit smoking, that I was willing to try anything, and boy am I happy that I called up Eric. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! I continue to listen to the recording of our first session everyday, and it has done wonders for my willpower. Kudos to Eric!
    Tasha T., San Jose, CA 6/14/2014
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    I took Eric's Hypnotize Yourself Slim class in Los Altos through the Recreation Dept.  His class was a great addition to the department's class offerings. I was impressed with Eric from day one. He really listens to his students and understands where they are coming from.  He presents his material in a very professional organized yet heart felt way. I understand now that I often eat unconsciously in a hypnotic state especially when I am under emotional stress.  He taught me techniques to stop that habit by using positive self hypnotic methods. It isn't anything strange at all but just good usable common sense done in a fun and visual way. It was a new way to get my new thinking to stick in my head.  Another thing that I really liked about Eric' class was that in the future I can refer back to his daily emails and handouts and CD if I need to review.  Even though I was only able to attend two out of the four meetings, I feel that I got my money's worth out of the class.  It was reasonable, he was a delight, and I feel that now I have a way to change old bad habits that have kept me from getting to the slim and healthy self I always wanted to be. In the future I plan on taking his other class about stress reduction! Thank you Eric, Caroline
    Caroline L., Los Altos, CA 6/7/2014
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    Eric Rosen is a wonderful hypnotherapist (and I have worked with several over the years). He takes the time to learn about you and tailors his suggestions to your particular situation. He also records the sessions and provides the recordings to you, so you can use them again and again for best effect. In addition, he answer e-mails with questions or concerns you may have outside of the sessions. Some of the ideas he has presented me with have really stuck with me and become part of an improved coping strategy. Eric is also very knowledgeable about dietary alternatives to the standard low-fat, low-cholesterol dogma that we've all been exposed to over the past 30 years.

    Eric is very caring and compassionate, so you feel are talking to friend rather than an impersonal practitioner; yet he has always behaved in a very professional manner. I can't recommend Eric highly enough
    Diana L., CA 5/28/2014
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    At first, I had some concerns about whether hypnosis would work and what it might cost. Turns out, it worked quite well and was very worthwhile. In my sessions with Eric, I found myself much more at ease with the situations I was dealing with. And it became clear to me that I have the ability to face them with confidently with the assurance I was in the right place, doing the right thing.

    What I liked most about my sessions with Eric is how easy he is to talk to. He is open and very interested in dissecting the issues at hand and really getting to the core to determine what would be the best plan for success. In conversation, before the hypnosis even begins, Eric has a way of sharing stories that heal.

    Also, it was helpful to have someone with whom I can share my concerns who is objective. And being able to talk openly about related issues seemed therapeutic in and of itself. In the process, I picked up tools and tips that I can use in many situations and aspects of my life. 

    If you have issues you need to address that are holding you back and you want to make your own choices, decisions, and actions to get unstuck, I absolutely recommend hypnotherapy sessions with Eric.

    Eric is great. I really appreciate his work and genuine interest in a positive outcome. He is a valuable resource and I will be seeing him in the future!
    Eve M., Livermore, CA 2/19/2014
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    I didn't really know what to expect going into a hypnotherapy session, but I've always been interested in the workings of the mind and how to leverage it. Like anyone, there are things I'd like to improve upon--and working with Eric has definitely helped in this regard. After the sessions (and not just temporarily), I've noticed things about myself that we've discussed about happening; I've felt calmer, more confident, having an easier time moving forward with life decisions. He tailors his sessions around your needs, has sound advice, and makes for good conversation; I definitely recommend it.
    Edward L., Millbrae, CA 2/11/2014