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    My finances almost prevented me from having an amazing experience.  I am very glad I went ahead and did it anyway because the results I got with Eric are like having months of therapy - in only ONE session. I really love how friendly yet professional Eric can be. He takes his time to gather the right info and gets in tune to give your own personal "healing code" (that is the name I give to hypnotherapy with Eric). I find I sleep better (huge for me), have less anxiety and recharged self-esteem. I absolutely recommend individual sessions with Eric. He really made me feel safe; he was not there to judge me but to embrace who I am and to guide me to reconnect with my higher-frequency self. I 'm very grateful for this Blessing; it's like having found the door to your very own "Oasis."
    Eugenia Z., San Jose, CA 5/25/2013
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    I took Eric's Hypnosis class for some specific reasons. I had  used hypnosis before to quit smoking and to help eliminate fungus-fermented foods from my diet which were causing a lot of trouble. Because both of these efforts had been successful, I tried Eric's class when it was time to give up wheat entirely. Wheat products were giving me problems, yet I still had continual cravings for wheat based foods. Weight loss was also an important factor in the equation.

    My prior experiences with hypnosis had shown that it works very well and is effective in controlling behavior that is driven by habit or "mindlessness". realizing that giving up whet would cut another huge hole in my diet, I knew hypnosis was the way to go. 

    Through Eric's class, and some individual sessions, I have been able to get a grip on my food cravings and eliminate another allergenic food from my diet. In three weeks it will have been a year since I have had any wheat. I've lost twenty pounds and have kept it off. 

    So, if you want to get better control of your diet in general, or have specific cravings (chocolate, ice cream, &c) that you want to target, understand that hypnosis will help. A lot! Eric has you covered.
    Brian K., Fremont, CA 4/8/2013
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    Previously, I never thought of hypnosis as a way to lose weight so when I saw Hypnotize Yourself Slim here in Saratoga, I decided to take Eric's course.

    After 3 classes over 14 days, I've lost close to 5.5 pounds. What I like most about Hypnotize Yourself Slim is how  it has helped me make wiser choices about the food I eat.

    The class has also helped me develop some good habits. For example, now I actually eat mindfully by writing  down what I eat before I eat it.  Besides that, I walk more on a consistent basis and feel myself getting more fit.

    Now, I am very confident my blood glucose numbers will continue to be in an acceptable range and. my A1C will be under 7.0 at my next test in mid-May.
    Jeannine F., Saratoga, CA 3/22/2013
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    I had some preconceived ideas about whether hypnosis would work for weight loss. 

    As a result of taking Eric Rosen's 3-week Hypnotize Yourself Slim class, I found my attitude and mindset changed and weight loss no longer seems as difficult as it used to. Now, I'm enthusiastic about the process, and I feel more confident that I will be able to sustain my weight loss journey over the longer term. 

    The benefits I've noticed from taking this class include reduced stress levels and greater awareness concerning my food choices. I'm building new, healthier habits around nutrition, exercise and sleep... and leading a more balanced life overall.

    My workout buddy has commented more than once that she notices improved muscle tone on me. A couple of people I hadn't seen in a while told me I've lost so much weight! While my scale doesn't register a big change yet, my clothes feel looser and fit better, and I can see that my mid-section is looking smaller as I keep practicing what I've learned.

    I recommend Hypnotize Yourself Slim. Eric is knowledgeable, engaging, and attentive and he genuinely cares about the individual student's situation. The class provides a complete toolkit you can easily apply to your personal development, not only for weight loss, but across many areas of your life.
    FG G., Sunnyvale, CA 3/20/2013
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    I came to hypnosis with an open mind because I am motivated to make changes in my life. As a result of taking Hypnotize Yourself Slim, I not only embarked on a journey of weight loss but of great self-discovery. And I found among my classmates, those who came to it with a positive attitude enjoyed a really amazing experience.

    The class helped me let go of my inner critic and with it, a lot of anger. Now, I sleep better.  And I am generally in a happier frame of mind all the time. I am constantly aware of how good life is, how many things during the day there are that can make you happy if you let them. Even others view me differently now. And my happiness is starting to rub off on them.

    What I liked most about the class is Eric's approach. He is fair-minded and generous to everyone. He took everything step by step and was careful to explain everything we needed to know and understand.

    Without hesitation I would recommend Hypnotize Yourself Slim to anyone.  There are days I feel like the weight is just dropping off all by itself.  I am losing weight without "dieting."  I am beginning to learn a more healthy way of eating (or not eating) and it really feels good.  I have more to accomplish, but I know I will get there.
    Fern F., Clayton, CA 3/20/2013
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    I met Eric through his three session "Lose Weight through Self Hypnosis"  at our Adult Ed. School. The class hypnosis sessions and hypnosis CD's got me realizing how much mindless eating I was doing. I'm keeping a journal of my calories and exercising almost everyday now.  Immediately I started to loose weight. I don't feel like I'm on a diet at all, I'm eating healthy and making better choices.  
    This class gave me the mind set to stick with eating healthy & exercising. I'm managing my stress too.  
    I started the classes in December and stuck with it though the holidays and also through a trip out of state. To date I've lost 27lbs with hypnosis and I'm very confidant I will continue to loose and be a healthier person.
    L L., Santa Clara, CA 2/5/2013
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    I have seen Eric- and he has a nice gentle and comfortable style in which is easy to open up to and very conversational and pleasant. His hypnosis adapts to your personal style of success and looks for creative ways to help you reach your goals without disrupting your whole entire life. He also apparently teaches courses which is good to know. I would reccomend Eric to anyone who is looking to lose weight effectively and at a pace that works well for them! Thanks again Eric! : )
    Rich R., Mountain View, CA 8/19/2012