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Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss with Hypnosis... 100% Tailored for You

You've Been Hypnotized Every Day of Your Life...

Sounds crazy. And yet, it's true! Once you understand why this is so, you'll have to decide... whether you want to go through life leaving your unconscious mind to its own devices and continue all the struggles you've grown so tired of... or befriend it so you can finally become the slim person you have in you. Hypnosis is a state of trance. You do things in a state of trance all the time. Here are some examples. Staring out your window at nothing in particular and enjoying a moment to "chill." Or "vegging out" in front of the TV. Or driving someplace where you've memorized the route and you, not your car, is driving on autopilot. Quite a few of us start nibbling, grazing or even binging... in a trance... when we watch TV or drive the car... among others. With this new awareness, realize it's time to take charge and befriend your unconscious mind... instead of leaving it on its own... and carrying the burdens you so wish to unload.

Only Use Hypnosis When You are Ready for Changes in Lifestyle

Maybe your doctor has told you, "You must lose weight." Or, whenever you see yourself in the mirror, a voice inside says, "You could look so much better! So, when's it gonna happen?!" Either way, a part of you appreciates how a few small changes in lifestyle can have big effects... and finally get you from where you are now... to where you want to be. And yet, another part of you, a more fearful part, very cleverly says, "Nothing is assured, so why get out of your comfort zone?" Enter hypnosis. Taking a weight loss with hypnosis approach 100% personalized for the preferences of both your conscious and unconscious minds lets changes in lifestyle occur... gently. Without struggle. Barriers to the "should do's" dissolved. Old habits gone... and not even missed! Like you never left your comfort zone in the first place!

Hypnosis Works Because We Address the Whole You

You are unique. A complex being. And so you had many reasons for the quantity of food you ate. And the choices you made. And the amount of exercise you got in your day. And the convenience options you took. Now, here's the thing... All of them were valid... as a way to cope with... emotions... stress... social pressures... family matters... cultural norms... "foods" engineered for addiction and cravings... And because, until you went for hypnosis, you made the best of the situation with the resources available to you at the time... it means... you can let go of the inner critic... and all its toxic thoughts about not being good enough, too lazy and any number of other self-limiting notions... it trotted out to keep you stuck in a comfort zone getting more uncomfortable by the day. When we meet, go ahead and share all of what you believe has been holding you back from becoming the healthier, more vibrant you, you so richly deserve to be... with an attentive listener... who takes lots of notes... so your hypnosis session captures everything no one else has taken the time to help you with. And it all starts with...

The Weight Loss Methodology Diet Companies Hope You Never Discover

Our methodology, experienced as a pleasant conversation, addresses every aspect of your transformation in ways no other product or service could ever hope to. If it sounds too good to be true, here's what we'll discuss when you come in:

  • Transforming your palette so it finds sugary, starchy, processed foods aversive and healthy foods a total turn-on... leaving you  to make better food choices without even having to think about it (better still, this in particular, is fast and easy to do and requires no follow-up on your part like listening to audios of the session)
  • Eating behaviors and defusing triggers so time, place and situation no longer cause you to eat in a trance and you are freed to enjoy your food consciously, fully present
  • Pinpointing emotions which once caused you to eat even when you knew it wasn't your best option and... reprogramming your unconscious mind to choose more nurturing and rewarding alternatives, automatically
  • Uncovering patterns which reveal the reasons why you ate and creating new responses for when similar situations arise in the future... all handled for you at the unconscious level, well in advance
  • Taking your exercise up a notch, even if you're currently sedentary... and making it a joy using activities you already do for your own pleasure as fuel to get you there... without the resistance of old
  • Overcoming any obstacles you experience on your way to healthy living like food prep, so packaged food-like products stop masquerading as solutions when they're the ones piling pounds on you and putting your health in jeopardy
  • Surveying your social landscape so food at work, family gatherings, sporting events, church or any other meeting with people and edibles no longer derails your fast track to slender living

Surely, you are familiar with the old adage, "Feed a gal a fish, you feed her for a day. Teach her to fish and you feed her for a lifetime." Naturally then, you can see why the diet companies fear our methodology. After all, when the dust settles, all the diet companies have done for you is serve up low-calorie packaged foods. Then, their "graduates" go back to eating high-calorie packaged foods and sure enough, they eventually return... bigger than they were on the last go-round! It's a known piece of their business model and they are counting on you! To add insult to injury, they'll promise your first five pounds off in a week or your money back or some other short-term offer. Sounds enticing... if you're oblivious to the old fish adage and the long term reality of the situation. So, let's go them one better. In fact, let's go way beyond one better. If your interest is to shed a few pounds and be on your way, then hypnosis is not for you. However, if a magnificent transformation into a whole new person, fully empowered to live slim in a world rigged to make us fat is what you want, then clearly, you are in the right place. And if you harbor any self-doubts or doubts about whether hypnosis is sure to accomplish these lofty goals, remember this...

In addition to the thoroughness of our methodology, you'll have engaged your unconscious mind in service of your highest well-being. Think of it this way. You have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. Imagine together they form an iceberg. You conscious mind is the portion you can see above the surface of the water. Maybe, at most, it's 10% of the iceberg's size. The other 90% or more is your unconscious mind below the water's surface.

If you're not enrolling your unconscious mind on your behalf, simply put, you are creating an uphill battle for yourself. It's no wonder then that the diet companies cannot compete with hypnosis and our methodology when people like you are determined to make permanent lifestyle changes.

By Age 25, The Free Ride is Over: How Hypnosis Will Save You $$$ and Grief

The book "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry Lodge puts forth the idea that with today's advanced scientific insights into aging, it's virtually certain a person 85 years old can have the body of a fit 50-year old so long as they make just a few lifestyle adjustments. The book also explains how our bodies are on a "free ride" until age 25 or so. In other words, we were able to consume staggering amounts of pizza, candy, cookies, soda and booze and "get away" with it. In the years leading up to 25, we were still evolving into our adult appearance and so there was no cause for alarm regarding lifestyle. However, past a certain point, the cumulative effect of all those indulgences takes its toll. Looser, flabbier bodies. Deteriorating sleep. No need to go on. You get the idea. Now, here's some really good news. Those few lifestyle adjustments we were alluding to earlier can  stave off 70% of the normal decay experienced with aging (sore joints, weakness, apathy), and eliminate more than half of all likely injuries and illnesses. And the sooner you start, the easier it is! Think of the implications. It means you can retire the part of you who kept on saying, "Why can't I eat like I used to or do the things I once did with far less effort?" Yes, there was a free ride going on and you could not have been expected to appreciate this back in the day. What's more, you were surrounded by a system which profits off of poor food choices disguised as "normal eating" thanks to branding and advertising... from the day you were born... and so it was all you ever knew! Already, you can feel a bit of grief taking its leave, can you not? And, in yet another way, your awareness of the free ride begins to empower you... and spare you the huge health bills and associated grief of aging in America. You see, by virtue of it being a "free ride" it means there never was a "something for nothing" deal in play to begin with. Every lifestyle choice we make has consequences. It's just that we were not hip to them during the free ride. Let's call it what is was... a HUGE BLIND SPOT. We all have them. And so many folks who never learn of the free ride, go through life with this huge blind spot. They rationalize things. And seek justifications for their inaction thinking, "I'll somehow muddle through, no less healthy than I find myself today." All this despite having aged ungracefully up till then. Such thoughts are dangerous... expensive... and totally unnecessary given you no longer have this blind spot and... you have the unification of your logical conscious mind and your emotional unconscious mind to create a radiant you who's loving life... with just a little bit of help from blissful, relaxing hypnosis. For some hard numbers in dollars and sense, read on...

Harvard School of Public Health Cites Individual Obesity Costs on Par with Smoking

The Harvard School of Public Health cites studies assessing the economic cost of obesity to society and individuals. A study by Cawley and Meyerhoff estimated that obesity accounts for 21% of medical spending—$190 billion—way back in 2005. The same researchers found per capita medical spending for the obese to be $2,741 per year higher than for the non-obese. With hypnosis and your unconscious mind serving you instead of sabotaging your efforts, your savings over a lifetime are about the same as someone who quits smoking with hypnosis. Speaking of which, Thomson and colleagues came to this very same conclusion in… 1999! So, let's run some numbers. Say you invested in 6 hypnosis sessions at $570 and we do  the deep dive into the weight loss with hypnosis methodology... and we uncover the issues unique to you... address them as needed... retrain your palette easily and effortlessly... and wind up creating a new you who lives slender in a world exploding with obesity everywhere...

Your year one medical savings (adjusted for cumulative inflation since 2005 of 52% according to the calculator) is ($2,741 x 1.52) - $3,420 = $746. Keep in mind, this amount saved is probably an understatement given how medical expenses tend to rise at rates higher than the general rate of inflation. Over a decade or two, you likely save in the multiple $10,000s. Imagine how else you could spend or invest a tidy sum like $50k. And realize these savings are extremely conservative. For one thing, they don't account for everything that comes with the blind spot... pain and suffering, burdens on family members. Again, no need to go on, you get the idea. Your investment in a program is a function of the number of sessions. The appropriate number of sessions varies with each person. After all, no two people are the same. Each person's goals are different as are their situations and motivations to achieve them. So, understand, your investment in hypnosis is poised to pay off handsomely no matter how you calculate it.

What You Can Expect... Session #1: Create the Space to Slim

When you come in for your first session, it's likely to be a 90-minute to two-hour experience. In the first hour or so, we'll explore your journey. Why you used to overeat. How it made you feel... physically... and emotionally. What you hate about your old relationship with food. What you once liked about it. What triggers were involved... in terms of time... and place... and people. Plus, we'll look at the things you prefer to do instead so we can program them into your unconscious mind's ever-expanding repertoire of behaviors for slender living. All the while, I'll be taking notes. Lots of notes. Because, when we enter hypnosis, so many of the details you shared will find their way into a hypnosis recording... 100% personalized for you. In the next 20-25 minutes, we'll do the actual hypnosis session. You can sit up or recline. Either way, I'll record the session as an MP3 file you put on your MP3 player, phone, tablet or computer. Remember, we'll also retrain your palette using hypnotic techniques that are eyes-open and conversational. Retraining your palette will give you the quick wins you need to make extraordinary changes right away without any further effort on your part. Better still, retraining your palette will also motivate you for the long-term success addressed in the eyes-closed hypnosis. Because the eyes-closed hypnosis is designed to make foundational change, it’s a very wise idea to listen daily to your recordings. The two techniques taken together make amazing changes safe, natural, easy and reliable. When you get right down to it, listening to deeply relaxing audios once a day and showing up for your scheduled sessions are all you have to do to succeed. Nothing in this world could be easier when it comes to weight loss. In the final few minutes, we'll tie up loose ends, go over any technical points about accessing your recording and schedule the next session, if we haven't already.

What to Expect... Session #2: Build on Your Success

The second session is an opportunity to dissolve any remaining or newly uncovered pockets of resistance to your new life as someone who eats healthy and desires to be physically active. We'll review your experience over the week and isolate any triggers we need to defuse. Again, I'll be taking copious notes. And your second audio will reflect your current needs in light of the progress you've made. And because your unconscious mind will have become acclimated to hypnosis, we can also do more advanced palette retraining. For example, we can begin making healthy foods you hadn't been eating in the past appetizing and part of your new normal.

What to Expect: Session #3+

Naturally, there's no one-size-fits-all prescription for weight loss with hypnosis. Each person has a different number of pounds to melt off. And different capacities for exercise. And different daily schedules influencing their food choices. And different degrees of willingness to do food prep. The bottom line is, your unconscious mind thrives on repetition and reinforcement. And so to deny it more visits and leave long term success on the table would be sad and foolish. Giving your unconscious mind the space it needs to lock-in lasting-change is not just smart... it can save you thousands of dollars in the near term and... even more in the long term. Also, if you have additional foods high in sugar or starch which used to undermine your efforts at slimming, we can release them so your changed eating patterns integrate with the lifestyle you are making. And if you discover any old baggage you want to let go of, or boost confidence in certain areas of your life, or make yourself more resilient in the face of stress we can weave these themes into your sessions as well..

Is Your Health Becoming a Higher Priority? Are You Tired of Having a Closet Full of Clothes You Can't Wear?

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From your first session on, I will stick with you until you attain your goal. With full payment and delivery of your package, this hypnosis practice will provide monthly reinforcement sessions at no charge until you are 100% satisfied or relapse for any reason. So, expect success. Everything you need is in place for you to love life slim and you'll actually have a ton of fun getting there... as you befriend your unconscious mind and the more resilient you claims the day.